Statutory Sick Pay

2012-2013 Legislation

SSP costsFor employees earning 107.00 per week or more, the rate is 85.85 per week.

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2013-2014 proposed rates

The UK Government announced in the Autumn 2012 budget statement to expect an increase of 1% for the next three years.  This means that from 6 April 2013, the statutory sick pay will increase (85.85 x 1%).  We will publish the official rate as soon as this has been announced on HMRC website.  The budget statement can be found here

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Employees Rights

Employee's statutory rights must be incorporated in the employment contract including your company policy and procedures which they should follow. Leave must be allowed for medical appointments or parental leave.

Fixed Term Contracts

All employees will be treated the same for SSP purposes whether they are on fixed term or permanent contract - including those with contracts of three months or less. All fixed term workers are entitled to statutory SSP provided they pay the minimum National Insurance - i,e fulfilling the statutory criteria. If you also offer an occupational sickness policy - this now applies to fixed term contracts.

Small Employers’ SSP Relief

For the 2012-2013 tax year provided that the total gross Class 1 NICs is 45,000 or less, you will be classed as a small employer. Small employers are entitled to recover the difference between 13% of their total national insurance bill and the statutory sick pay paid for that month.

SSP Rates are on the HMRC website




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