Multi Award Winning Employee Payslips

All employees are entitled to an itemised pay statement known as a payslip, pay advice or wageslip when they are paid. Part of our service includes supplying pay advices with your company payroll reports.   

These come in many formats such as security sealed laser mailers, single sheet laser printed or electronic emailed payslips.  Research has shown that many employees find wage slips difficult to understand with inadequate information which is why our our own bespoke design is very clear and easy to read.

Electronic Payslips Service

Compupaye was one of the first payroll companies to email staff their payslips documents since year 2000. There are two options to this service:

         Secure email direct to employee mailbox

         Secure email as a batch to the client for distribution

         Interactive features foe employees to self-serve their tax and pension queries.

If you prefer pressure sealed payslips with security features, we can supply. This is suitable for larger companies.

Features includes 'net to gross' facility which enables us to calculate the gross taxable earnings from a net payment given.  Other issues are covered such as attachment of earnings and absence monitoring.  

Interactive Features

Snap shot from our interactive email payslipWe provide an optional service where the the employees can be emailed the payslip direct in pdf format. All we require is your employees email addresses then we will do the rest. 

Your employees can view their payslips at their convenience and as they are password protected, they can archive them securely. This will reduce the situation of employees losing their payslips. 

We operate environmental monitoring & measuring procedures to reduce paper  waste and our carbon footprint.  Our current carbon emissions is around 16 tons C02 per year. Our environmental management systems are fully compliant with internal and external audits.

A eco-friendly client says it saves their organisation around 1,000 per year on payslip distribution  time and postage costs.

Our Pay Advices show the following Our A4 style payslips
components of pay:

  • Gross pay broken down into specific components such as basic, commission, holiday, bonus, etc./span>
  • Take home pay - often known as NET pay.
  • Tax office PAYE reference
  • Statutory payments such as statutory sick pay, maternity, paternity and adoption pay.
  • Statutory deductions such as Tax or NI [based on the employees tax code]
  • Pension deductions [if applicable]
  • Attachments Of earnings deductions such as Council Tax or child support
  • Cash Advance or loans paid.
  • The amounts of any fixed deductions and the purposes for which they are made (for example, trade union subscriptions, or the total figure for fixed deductions.
  • Optional information such as employee address and tax office details are be displayed.
  • Option to supply accrued holiday administration.
  • Year to-date taxable or pensionable earnings.

IIn our experience, employees lose their payslips therefore to protect identity fraud, personal sensitive information such as date of birth and bank details are not shown.

Postal Payslips Service
An A4 black and white version of the above payslip can be printed, sealed in envelopes and posted to your company along with your normal payroll reports for distribution or direct to your employees home address. Our envelopes are white and unmarked so that it does not look like a pay advice. The payslip can be designed to your own specified format.

Standard Payslips

Here is a sample of our standard blue payslips supplied loose for internal distribution. These are very popular with our smaller clients.

This payslip is our own bespoke design.  Copyright  from 2003.

Several types of layouts are offered which can be customised with your own company logo.

We can provide any payment such as commission or deduction field such as loan repayments of your choice which can be pensionable, taxable or National Insurable.


What our clients have said about our payslips...

We think the electronic payslips are fantastic. They align nicely with our eco-policies and save unnecessary paper each month. We find them much easier to process than paper versions and of course it saves on the cost of packing and postage.

The payslips are delivered to secure email addresses which other people can not access. Password protection ensures that only the recipient can open their payslip which gives us great peace of mind. It’s another top quality service we get from Compupaye.

Chris Stanley
Go Pensions -   

........  I think the wage slips are great - they are very detailed which is fantastic for employees.

Many thanks.

Sue Rogers
Practice Manager -- The Spires Practice

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Penalties for failure to issue a Payslip

earnings statementIf you don't give your employees an itemised pay statement, your employee could complain to an employment tribunal. Your company may end up repaying some of the deductions back to the employee if they were not notified to the employee in advance.

Employees must make their complaint while employed by you or within three months of leaving. We can store up to 7 years worth of data when required for pension, retirement, mortgage applications or other personal finance requests.


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