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School payrolls are currently experiencing changes in government policy. We have seen extensive changes in the Local Government Pension scheme not to mention the ever changing tax legislation across all business sectors.

CompuPaye can handle your School's payroll and Teachers or Local Government pension requirements. Our customer services are available to discuss your schools payroll requirements in more detail before preparing our proposal paying attention to your specific requirements.

We provide payrolls for most schools including nursery pre-schools or Independent schools.  



Payroll Processing & Reports

We provide your Independent School with a pre-filled timesheet for your use already populated with your staff together with a list of their normal pay description. When the payroll timesheet arrives from your HR department, it goes through our strict processing routine.

Our specialist payroll service for schools is specifically tailored for your reporting needs. Click on image to  view some of our payroll summaries, wage slips and standard reports online.Many schools use automated clocking in timesheet systems. We are happy to accept data from these systems as most are capable of exporting  the data in csv format.

Provided the system can export the employee ID, unit description ID, unit rate and units worked, we can seamlessly import the data into the payroll system. 

We have several their payslips to choose from which is personalised with your school's logo. Our specialist payroll service for Independent Schools is specifically tailored for your reporting needs.

Contact us for a more information and a quotation as the price depends on the nature of the payroll services required for your School.

Payroll Service

Our comprehensive list displays some of the services offered:

  • Monthly Teachers or Local Government pension remittances.
  • Annual Local Government Pension returns.
  • Liaising with Local Government or any pension scheme provider Pension AVCs fully catered for.
  • Setting up the data for all your employees records through our web portal or direct link from your own systems
  • Calculations of pay increases including backdated pay
  • Keeping up to-date with tiered salary rates and spinal points
  • Preparation of leaver P45s or joiners P45/P46 or student P38s forms
  • P14/P60 Year End Returns and reconciliation
  • Submissions of in year and annual returns direct to HMRC
  • Payroll Management reports by department, cost centre, teaching or non teaching staff.
  • Annual school payroll budget reports by dept or cost centre
  • Mailing of monthly payslips with your school's logo direct to the school or the teachers private address.
  • Option to access payroll reports through our secure web portal.
  • Submission of P30BC HMRC tax bill by BACS.
  • All type of deductions such as attachment of earnings, loans, charity donations, staff club, etc. SSP and SMP/SPP administration.
  • Holiday pay monitoring and administration
  • Childcare vouchers administration.
  • Direct access to our web support help-line and monthly eNewsletters
  • Manned telephone support to a direct line.
  • Handling third party queries and liaising with the Revenue
  • PAYE inspection compliance reports
  • 10+ year storage of your schools payroll and pension data
  • Processing using accredited systems and managed by payroll trained qualified staff.
  • Liaising with the HM Revenue & Customs and Local Government  


Frequently Asked Questions

Our school is on a tight budget. How can I be sure we don't overspend? 

We already have cumulative budget reports built into our reporting suite for Schools. We can output the payroll reports and payroll journals in excel for you to integrate into your own systems.

We can also provide a budgetary "what if" report in advance of any proposed pay increases.

We have a complicated pay structure.  Can you cope with this?

We can setup several pay elements for your school. We already have a payroll reporting infrastructure in place for many schools which can be specifically tailored to suit your own school and we are familiar with spinal pay structures. We can also design output files to interface with your in-house HR applications.

How about annual retrospective pay awards.  Can you cope with these?

We can calculate these for you as we understand that sometimes pay increases cannot be implemented straight away due to budgeting. We can phase the increases over 2 payroll runs to help with your budget.

Many of my teachers have student loans. Can these be paid through the payroll?.

Student loan deductions are implemented automatically by us upon receipt of notification from HMRC, if a new employee presents a starter P45 with Y in the student loan box or statement D ticked on the starter P46. 

We have 2 types of pension scheme. Can we have a monthly and annual report for each?

We are already familiar with many pension schemes including the Teachers or Local Government pension schemes. We currently provide pension reports in the format required for your pension scheme provider with some on paper and some on Excel.

We also compile and submit the required pension annual return.

My teaching staff use a swipe card to clock in. How do I present this information to you?

Most timesheet systems are capable of exporting the data in csv format. We also provide you with our own interface file if your school does not use a swipe card system. The information is seamlessly imported into our systems. More on payroll data input

My school has an academic year of 40 weeks. How do I calculate the pay?

We can calculate your employees annual pay over the 39-40 week for each year then divide this by 12 months so that your staff are still paid every month.

Do you offer online access to our records?

You have your own schools portal on our website where you can access your schools tax office details, check the status of your payroll, submit new starter or leavers, download P46, Chancellors budgets, etc.

Do you offer an electronic payslips service?

We offer a service where the payslips are emailed direct to your employees mailbox - password protected. Your employee can conveniently view and archive their own wageslips.


More question?


Visit our extensive FAQ page


Schools running costs  
Our specialist payroll service for schools is specifically tailored for your reporting needs. Click on image to  view some of our payroll summaries, wage slips and standard reports online.

We focus on the particular payroll reporting needs for your Independent school. Due to our specialist knowledge of providing payroll services for the Education sector, we have the expertise to setup departments within your school so that you can see the payroll cost for each cost sector. 

As payroll forms part of your schools running costs, it is important that the reports are designed to reflect each area component. We can split the costs into managerial, teachers, secretarial, administration and so on. We can also adopt your current payroll coding system.  All schools have several departments, we can expand our payroll reports to include the job titles within each department.

Our clients have said...

.... "Thank you for always processing our payroll always at such short notice .....

Mr Dennis Cheung - Director
All Day Montessori Schools Ltd, London.

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References are available from other private schools or companies who staff are in the local government pension schemes

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